UMG fonts don't scale right on low-res android screens

I want to create something for my Wiko Lenny 2, which has a resolution of 480x854 in portrait mode. The problem is, the fonts in my UMG widgets don’t scale as they are supposed to.

This is how it looks like on Windows in preview mode:


And this is how it looks like on Android:


The DPI scale settings are unchanged and according to the “Scale UI for Different Devices” document page, the settings are right (the short side of 480px has a scale of 0.444 in relation to the 1080px 1.0 setting). I also tried using the “longest side”-setting together with matching values but the result was the same.

Also I only use horizontal and vertical panels, no canvas panels - so problems with the anchors can be ruled out.

The problem can easily be reproduced:

  1. Start a new, empty project for scalable mobile platforms.
  2. Create a widget.
  3. Choose the HTC One portrait screen size.
  4. Replace the canvas panel of the widget with a text block.
  5. Increase the font size of the text block so the right end of the default text comes close to the right edge of the screen.
  6. Create a simple pawn blueprint.
  7. Make the widget appear on the player’s screen in the pawn blueprint.
  8. Place the pawn in the scene.
  9. Make player 0 auto possess the placed pawn
  10. Save the map.
  11. Go to the project settings and select the saved map as the default map in “Maps and Modes”.
  12. Go to the android settings and set the orientation to portrait.
  13. Launch the game on an android device with a small resolution.

You will see that the text goes beyond the edge of the screen.