UMG Focused Widget Eats Input from Other Player Controllers and D-Pad

There’s a part of my project where I need a Text Box Widget to have focus so that a player can type into it. I would however like the Text Box to receive and lose focus using only the player’s X-box controller (from any player, not just player one’s controller). This creates an issue because I currently set up my own custom events using the player’s D-pad inputs (as well as joystick) to navigate my menu. Whenever the X-box controller navigates a cursor over the Text Box, the widget gets keyboard focus.

The main issue is: Once the Text Box Widget has keyboard focus, I’ve found that none of the inputs from player controllers other than player one will do anything. On top of that, I’ve found that the D-Pad input for all players no longer fires events when the Text Box Widget has focus. Why do widgets handle the inputs from other player controllers and the D-pad, or in other words, why aren’t my event handlers firing when the Text Box has focus?
I’m aware that, for the D-Pad at least, this is an intended feature, but I’m still not certain how to work around it.

If you need any additional information (screenshots, etc.) I’d of course be happy to provide it. Thanks!