UMG flip image


how can flip an image in UMG?
I have imported an image (png);
I have created a material and flipped the image (used with UI and two sided on);
I have created an slate brush and connected the material, but the image is black.

Where is the error?

Thank you :wink:

Hi Mad,

You will need make sure that in your material you have the texture plugged into the emissive slot. This will resolve the issue.

Thank you!


Hi Tim

thank you very much. now I can see the image. But now I lost the transparency of some areas. I tryed with an alpha mask in the alpha channel, but the result is different. There is some other things that I have forget? :slight_smile:

Are the two in the scene using the same material setup?

The one on the left is using a Opacity Mask which will block anything outside of the masked area.

no, the one on the right are a slate brush with the original texture. The one on the left is a slate brush with a material (for flipping the image). I don’t find the way to flip the image in UMG.

I’ve not used UMG really, but one of my leads said you should be able to grab the outer edge of the image and drag it to get it to flip. See if you can give this a shot and let me know.



when I try to drag the side of a panel, the image doesn’t flip correctly.

Can confirm, I’ve seen those green bars before when working with UMG, even on source images with no green value in them.

Can’t usually reproduce them or I’d have reported it as a bug by now.

So for the moment I will use two images.
I have also reported the problem in the bug reports.

Thank you

ps: there is the possibility to lock some layers to avoid to move them accidently?

will be possible in 4.5 :slight_smile:

Thank you to Nick for the fast reply :wink: