UMG features request

Hey guys!
In my short period of time using UMG I would request for 2 features:
Locks and more 3D widgets development.

In general this is the only annoyance that I found.

Yeah and this the UMG and Slate need something like layers or other things because you can’t do things like this:

*Place and image in the background of other widgets

I think you’re supposed to use “ZOrder” for that right? but I think a number on a detail panel gets lost too easy. It should be more graphical like layers.

Disconcur, that is absolutely possible.

Image in the background, use an Overlay Panel, or Border.
Preventing non-aspect ratio squishing, use the Scale Box, handles that stuff for image and text.

What do you want the locks to do? Are the locks inherited? I’d like to avoid introducing anything that’s going to be a bunch of micromanagement in the hierarchy view.

Right now I’m torn; there are two problems I’m trying to solve elegantly.


If I introduce the classic Lock; I can lock button and prevent moving it around on the canvas. But there’s another thing people often complain about, which is more akin to grouping. Rather than just Locking button to prevent movement and selecting, some people would prefer a kind of group/ungroup kind of thing that way they can throw a bunch of stuff in button (ButtonJunk), but then continue to easily pick the button for moving it around, and simply bubble up any picks performed on the children in the preview to button for selection/movement.

I’ve never really liked the grouping systems I’ve seen, and to a degree locks and grouping are related operations. If it’s locked, it doesn’t matter if it’s grouped, and if you’re grouping it, you probably want to move it around and such, don’t care much about locking. So I’m considering a system where the lock is actually a tri-state; e.g. Default, Group, Locked.

Hey Nick!
This is cool! I didn’t think you’d get the chance to talk directly to the developers!

Anyway, You can ignore my “locks” idea, I’m just trying to suggest an easy way to avoid modifying elements on your canvas that you’re happy with. For instance, first thing you’d do is to create a background image and send it to the bottom, but when I’m adding buttons and elements sometimes I accidentally select undesired elements like my background picture and I make a mess, therefore locking position of each elements could be a good idea. Of course the child and parents hierarchy should be respected as in once you lock in one parent all of its children inside should be locked too.

Another idea is using a highlight level system, where you can only modify the element you selected on the hierarchy panel, similar to how you use layer in Photoshop. The annoying thing there would be having to select each element first on that panel.

I’m curious, if you’d introduce a grouping system, how would this be represented on the hierarchy panel?
In my personal opinion the locking system would be more beneficial than the grouping one.


Thanks you!

Now after make:
Vertical Box
+Horizontal Box
+++Horizontal Box

Now works as i like, but this for noobs is a bit confusing plus others app designers use other methods.

All UI frameworks are pretty different, WPF != HTML != Qt, it takes time to learn how things are done in a new environment. The Slate approach is extensibilty through widget composition, relying on users making small purpose built panel widgets for solving different layout concerns.