UMG Error: copy and pasting basic widgets within any widget blueprints results in an error message


  • I am running UE4.21.

I am getting the following UMG error if I copy and paste any component of a widget, even within a the same (new) widget bp.

You do not have sufficient permission to save the following content to disk. Any changes you make to this content will only apply during the current editor session.


  • This happens even with basic components such as a blank canvas panel.
  • I am not running multiple instances of UE4.

Should I run verify engine within the epic games app as it ‘looks’ like an engine issue.

Despite its message, I can save afterwards and it does actually save properly - but I am wary of this message.

This message pops up just before the 1st paste operation is complete

I have attached a screenshot showing said error.