UMG Elements rotated cutted

First I know this bug has already been reported: (Jira UE-4659), UMG image starts to disappear after rotating - UI - Unreal Engine Forums . But it’s a known bug since october 2014 and nothing has changed since, so I would like to help you to solve this bug quicker.

First here a video showing the bug:

I think that I identified the main problem with the rotation of any element in UMG. The overflowing content of the element, out of the screen or out of the viewport is hidden for performance purpose I guess, but when you apply a rotation the hidden part is not computed again, finally then a part of your image disappear. The same thing happen in game when an element is a bit out of the screen.

I hope something will be done for this.

Have a nice week-end. Thanks!

Hello Freebios,

Thank you for the additional information. I will be sure to bump up the community interest for this issue. However, I will be closing this issue as a duplicate.

Make it a great day

It would be really awesome if people who are experiencing this problem could upvote the issue in the issue tracker to help let Unreal know that we’d love it fixed!

Vote here: → UE-4659