UMG editor improvements

Hi I’ve been using UMG editor for several days now and while it’s great as opposed to plain Slate coding, it still has a lot of issues, or things to be desired. Here i will wite down a couple of things that annoy me or I would like to have.

  • The new styles in 4.5 Preview got to be the most annoying thing because I lost the ability to create a common style and apply it to multiple buttons for example. yes we can copy paste styles, but imagine having a few dozen close buttons, copy pasting all the styles, and later on you want to change something, and want to make that change in all buttons. That would be a nightmare. For now i’m just creating a custom blueprint widget containing a button, but that doesn’t feel right, first of all losing the ability to refer directly to the widget, you’d have to refer to a variable or create forwarding functions. The best thing would be something of both worlds, supporting derived styles. (Right now, not even settings made in the Brush applied to a button style are kept; more precisely the Drawing Type and margins (9-scale) have to be set again on the button’s style)
  • Ability to nudge position of a widget when it is selected using arrow keys on the keyboard. Possibly by the amount of grid snapping. I think this should come in very handy, especially in the case below.
  • When having widgets stacked one over the other (in an overlay or canvas) you can’t select and move widgets that are in lower z order (layer). You can only select from hierarchy and move using the property fields. The feature above should come in handy.
  • The Overlay widget. If I understood it correctly it should stack widgets each on its own layer. That’s very good, the problem is the layers can’t be reordered (not even through hierarchy view). This is a big issue when you change your mind over the position of a widget, or decide to add a background widget. You have to recreate the entire Overlay hierarchy. Not sure if the slate overlay widget support this reordering, if not it would come in handy there too, although i believe there is only a matter of sorting the children array.
  • There’s is no multiselect. This is a big minus. If no marquee select, at least ctrl/alt+click should allow to do this. Both in the viewport and hierarchy view.
  • Compiling a UserWidget in 4.5 Preview seems to take much more time than it used to in 4.4. The widgets tree dimension seems to have a big impact on the compile time. The bigger the children tree the higher the compiling time.
  • The new layout constraints visual indicator goes over widgets placed in the corner. It makes it hard to see/select widgets in the corner, causing accidental clicks on the layout indicator.
  • Ability to zoom in past 1 (100%). Should allow the ability to zoom in more, like 2,3…
  • When working on a small widget, like a button, sometimes it’s hard to really know how it will look like in the real world when it stretches the entire size of the currently selected resolution. Allowing to set a custom size (just for design time) on the root container would help a lot.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Hold Control (that allows zoom past 1). I’ve already disabled this for the next version.

Yup - it’s not the greatest. What’s there currently is not the long term plan. The plan is to have reusable styles, but the ones in 4.4 would never have worked. They didn’t permit you to replace their brushes at runtime with MID, so that you could do custom material effects through dynamic parameters at runtime.

Should be faster in the final build. Just checked in a change for 4.6 that will make it even faster!

Already added this for 4.6 :slight_smile: There’s a new Custom option under the Resolutions list that lets you configure it (and it saves it in the asset, uses it if it exists…etc.).

Thanks for the good feedback, I’ll make sure some more of it gets addressed in the next release.


Nice about the Ctrl zoom stuff, i wasn’t aware of it.
Thanks Nick, that’s great to see all the progress, looking forward to 4.5 release.


Currently this is my biggest issue, is there a plan for adding that in 4.7? Its hindering my workflow by hours.

Nope, not in 4.7. Why hours?

I have a tendency to move things around and if the layer doesn’t look correct in its current order I would have to delete the layers and re add them in the order I want. Sometimes its just hard determining which layers will go first when you have a lot of them to achieve a specific look and feel. Like I have a background layer, then a fill bar layer, then a layer for the glass/shine over it. However If i forget to put a widget behind all of that first then I have to delete it and re layer it all over again. Moving moving around layers in the hierarchy will be awesome.

May get worse with more complicated UI.