[UMG] Editable Text - change text color

Hello, is it possible to change color of Editable Text in UMG?

Yup. Can’t seem to upload any images for some reason, but on the Designer tab of your UMG, scroll down to Style. Open that up and you should see Color and Opacity.

Ok, you are right. There is some additional requirements to meet while changing color of text in Editable Text.

  • Uncheck Inherit flag
  • Compile widget (color is not changing dynamically)

Cool cool. You could change the color dynamically by making the color a variable, and changing that value from an outside blueprint

Edit: Nevermind. I think I ran into a UMG bug where the output variable in the Change Color bind got corrupted. I deleted the bind and created a new function with the exact same content and it’s working good now. Likely just me, or the way I use it, but UMG seems more buggy than all the other systems I’ve mucked with.

Hey , could I bother you to elaborate on ?
I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the Text color to change. It’s stuck on magenta.

In the Text item’s “Appearance” section I bound “Color and Opacity” to a function. In that function I check a float variable in the player character. Based on the value of that variable I change the color, i.e., if > .60 Slate Color = Green, if > .25 Slate Color = Yellow, else Slate Color = Red.

I wanted to debug it but for some reason breakpoints in that function aren’t getting hit. I have another function that changes the Content > Text value based on the same player character variable and that’s working perfect.

I also tried creating another, Slate Color, variable in the Player character BP
and then feed that into the bind function for the Text’s color and opacity but that didn’t work either.

i like to change wall color when i press keys

Ever figure out?