UMG Dynamic Image

I have been searching everywhere for a way to do this. I have found multiple posts and tutorials but nothing solid that I can replicate.

What I have is an in game menu for an RPG I am making. This is a JRPG styled game, turn based combat. Single player with a controllable party. What I am wanting is the ability to change party members in and out as needed. So when the in game menu is opened I’d like to show the portraits of the current party in their proper order. I have these portraits as PNG files and I can manually set them in my menu. However, I want to be able to change those dynamically. I am using C++ and have a struct set up for each character in the game (not using a datatable, just adding to the struct as needed.) I can’t figure out how to add the texture reference to the struct and then pull that out to set as the image.

My struct is placed inside a TArray for each playable character. So ideally I’d like to have the refence to that characters portrait in the struct in an array. Then when the menu is opened it should break the array apart and grab the portrait reference and change the image. Any help or tutorials on this will be helpful, but as I stated most of what I can find doesn’t seem to work.

I dont quite get you.

Why you dont have a UTexture* inside your widget and bind this reference to your ImageWidget. So everytime you want to change the image set that UTexture and you should see the new picture automatically.

Took me awhile, but I did finally get it working. Thank you for the help