UMG Draw line Between Two Widgets?

Hello Everyone,

I’m having an issue with where the line is being drawn. I’m attempting to make a line graph, but my issue is that when I get my widget positions, It’s not drawing the line from the correct locations. Keep in mind, I’m making a mobile game with Portrait Orientation.

Where it’s supposted to be Drawn(between the two dots)

Where It’s actually being drawn

The blueprint for the OnPaint Override. I’m getting both the Vector2D of both images

Any Help would be awesome. :frowning:

Bumping this question up. Just curious if this is possible?

I think you have to get the screen resolution and use that to calculate the correct positions of the 2 points. I’m trying something similar but I don’t have UE4 where I am right now. I will report back if I find a solution.

The anchors, viewport size and viewport scale also have to be taken into consideration.
This works for me, but won’t get get you the position of widgets inside of things like a scroll or box