UMG Drag Drop is Working, but after moving..

So I followed Wes Bunn’s youtube tutorial for drag and drop.

Everything works well. The setup a HUD is opened and an inner window appears that is daggable.

However once I drag the window around and release it, I can not move it again.

I setup a keyboard shortcut to close the HUD. This shortcut works as intended before I click drag the window. When pressed it closes the hud and its inner window. However once I move the inner window the shortcut no longer closes the window, but it does close the UI. At this POINT the moved window IS movable again! But as soon as I move it since its HUD is closed it dissapears after drag drop.

So my assumption is once the window has been dragged and dropped it is no longer a child of the HUD?
I can’t interact with that window once it is moved but I can interact just fine before I move it.
Once the window is moved if I shortcut keyboard the UI to close, the subwindow is now interactable and movable again…

Any Ideas?

Video Example of Problem :

So I found the answer. When adding the object to the view port in my 3rd picture above. The node add to viewport has a down arrow to adjust the Z level, set it from 0 to 1 and its now interactable after move.