UMG Drag and Drop Offset on Initial Drag

Good morning!

So I am going through and polishing my project before launch and this particular issue is giving me a hard time. What happens is when the player begins a drag and drop operation, the ItemDrag (and SkillDrag) visual is offset from where the cursor is, then as the cursor is moved the Drag and Drop Operation quickly moves to center, center of the cursor to be dropped. I want the Drag and Drop operation to initially spawn at center, center of the cursor or even on the widget itself, not offset.

Below you can see what I mean, the cursor begins the drag and drop operation at the bottom right of the helm icon, yet the initial visual is far too left of the actual widget, and the cursor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In the event the images didn’t paste as I’m on mobile and they don’t appear to have pasted: