UMG DPI Scaling for PC & Mobile

I’ve created a semi-complex UI Menu, consisting of many sub-menus. I didn’t change the DPI Scaling when I first started the project. So the UI was created with Resolution: 1080 having a DPI Scale of 1.0. However, when I try to launch it on Mobile devices, if the resolution is 1280 x 720 for example, the DPI Scale is set to 0.6667 (750 / 1080), however on the mobile device, although the UI is in the correct place, the menu itself is very small.

How can I fix this? I’ve added all of the resolutions for every device in the DPI Scale Curve by getting the smallest resolution and dividing it by 1080, the current resolution.

Do I need to change the DPI Scale 1.0 to be the lowest supported resolution and scale up rather than scale down from 1080? For example, if the smallest resolution I’m supporting is 1280 x 720, should I set the resolution to 720 and DPI to 1.0, then for the resolution of 1080, set the DPI Scale to 1.5?

I hope this makes sense.