UMG does not tile on iOS

Take a pattern, say this attached for example. Create UMG widget, add an image, set it so it anchors full screen, set the image to the pattern and set it to tile. Run in edtior, tiles correctly, run in mobile preview, tiles correctly, now package to iOS and open: instead of tiling, the image is done once, then its last pixels are stretched across the screen.This makes me think its incorrectly rendering using the ‘box’ setting instead of image, or just doesn’t work at all. I really need image tiling for my UMG widgets, so I hope this can be fixed!

alt text

Here is a screen shot of the issue from phone:

How it should look:

Also the sRGB is really annoying for previewing things be in mobile it’s RGB anyway to make it preview like mobile in umg?

Hello ,

I have a few questions that will help narrow down the issue that you are experiencing.

Quick questions:

  1. What version of the engine are you using?
  2. Can you reproduce this in a clean project?
  3. Can you provide accurate and detailed steps in order to reproduce this issue in a clean project (if applicable)?
  4. Could you provide the steps that you are using to package the product?
  5. What iOS device are you using? (example: iPhone 4S)
  6. What Version of that iOS are you using? (example: iOS 7.1.2.)
  1. 4.6 release
  2. I will try …
  3. just try any tiling with the texture I provided with UMG
  4. iOS , I package from windows with remote build then install the ipa using iTunes
  5. iphone 6 plus
  6. 8.1.1

Hello ,

I was unable to reproduce this issue with the steps provided. I created an image and used a tiling material on it. I then set the anchors to fullscreen and packaged it to the device. Please note that I tested this in 4.6.1.

Quick questions:

  1. Could you test this again in 4.6.1?
  2. Are there any steps that I missed in trying to reproduce this issue?

Il try again tonight with 4.6.1. I don’t think you are missing any steps. It’s literally all I did. I could have configured the texture wrong I suppose could you give me a screen of your texture configuration?

Hello ,

I was using a material that comes with the starter content (M_Tech_Hex_Tile_Pulse). If you would like to give that material a shot after retesting the one you used previous that could give a base line and would help narrow down what it is that is causing the issue.

I went ahead and tried the material you did, I added it to three of my widgets and it worked on one of them, the other one it was there but kind of dim (I think this is to do with emissive) on a level with no light no , anything but a widget it was black and not visible at all, anyways, this is a material, and before I was only trying to tile a texture so ill see if I make the texture a material if that changes anything.

Hello ,

If you would please let me know if using a material as opposed to a texture has an affect on your issue. This will help determine what direction I will go next with this problem.

Didn’t have time last night but will test tonight

Using a material fixed it for me. Except on my default first level. You can try this with the Mobile Preview too. If its an empty level with no actors or anything in it, and all you do is add a widget to view port, the background for me is overlapped by a black screen. When it opens, you can see the real background flash in for a moment then it goes back to black. And if I drag the window sometimes it pops back in. Not sure whats going on here, launching does it too but in editor everything is fine. Any ideas here?

Curiously, if I stretch the background (the image anchored to all 4 sides) beyond the border of the resolution you see this artifact appear, dunno if that helps at all figuring out whats going on.

it appears, if i mark it ‘size of content’ and put it n front, it will show (but this ofcourse covers my buttons), but no matter what configuration i choose, if I have the buttons in front and text its black behind it (or with that artificat)

well I stayed up all night trying to reproduce in another project and can’t. Not sure why this is happening, its depressing =(. The configs are pretty much the same. I created a new level in both, a new widget and both and both pointed to the same material and two different results in mobile preview…

Found a frustrating work around. I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue in another project (despite having literally the same configs, and using the same level asset and widget).

What I end up doing is, adding a widget (can be any widget, as long as there is something on it - tried empty one, it failed). Immediately afterwards add the widget you actually wanted to the view port. Now the background image will show appropriately.

This is sadly, the second bug I’ve had with Unreal recently where I have two projects, configured the same way but exhibit different behaviors with mobile… I don’t know if there is any data about my project that is stored outside of the project folder that could be contributing to these issues. If there is, where are they? That might help me figure out where the corruption is in my project because I’ve looked at everything inside the normal project folder and not seeing it…

Hello ,

When you experience this type of issue where two project are configured the same way but behave differently, had one of them been upgraded ever? Creating a project in a version of the engine and upgrading from an older version of the engine to that same version can cause minor differences due to the changes in the engine between to the two versions. I hope this answers your question.

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I’m assuming these differences would be in the U asset files themselves. It would be nice if there was a human readable (Json or xml) version if these files that we could read to figure out or fix these issues between versions.

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I have submitted a feature request (UE-7003) to the development team for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available.

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I really appreciate that! I know human readable files are bigger but they could be compiled when packaged. The benefits would be enormous though for people trying to figure out these issues…