UMG does not render fonts in 4.6


I’m experienced some problems with UMG… In devices the text is not rendered. I can see the text in editor preview and mobile preview, but when deployed to my phone there is no text render.

It did not happen in 4.5 and 4.4 :frowning:

I haven’t used 4.6 yet, but is it using UFonts?

I’m not sure … only thing I know is before 4.6 I saw my textblocks and now I can not see them in device :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I just clarify which build you’re using. Text rendering was broken on mobiles, but should have been fixed by this change.

If you’re using the latest preview release from here, then that won’t contain the change, however the head of the 4.6 branch should (as should any binary releases made for 4.6).


Yes, I’m using the latest preview release.

I will switch to 4.6 branch then, thanks !

Great! Glad to know that’s not broken again :slight_smile:

Despite me having mentioned it, I’m not sure you’re going to be able to use the 4.6 branch yet, as we’ve not released the associated content/binaries for it.

Your best bet would probably be to merge this change and this change into your previous preview build. That should fix the issue, while still working with the content/binaries that you currently have.

okey, I prefer to merge the changes then!

BTW I’m a bit of a git n00b. How can I merge the changes in my dettached head? use cherrypick command ? I guess I wil do it manually since changes aren’t very big …

Actually, my previous advice might have been a bit off.

It seems our release process has changed slightly between 4.5 and 4.6, and you now just run Setup.bat to get the correct content and binaries for your current version. This may already be working for the 4.6 branch, and I’m just trying it now (it will take me quite a while, as I’m currently away from home and on a really slow internet connection :().

EDIT: I’m only getting ~200kB/s on this internet connection, so downloading 2.5GB is going to take me several hours. It looks like it’s working okay for the 4.6 branch, so I’d recommend giving it a go if you’ve got a good internet connection.

If you’d rather go the merging route, then I believe cherry picking is what you want, but I’m also pretty unfamiliar with git.

thanks Jamie,

I will test it when I have the chance. Right now I do not want to mess with my development branch

btw. What is this setup.bat stuff? is there any documentation for this? is this only related to downloading the content/binaries ?

Hey dredok,

If you want to pull in the fixes, leave your detached head state and create a local branch else you will have problems switching branches and finding back your changes.

‘git checkout -b local-dev’

…if you have uncommited changes you might need to stash them first. Look up git stash for that.

And then incorporate the fixes

‘git cherry-pick 2c059a6a684d8317ed1db83227468152c4b8c3b2’
‘git cherry-pick 795175f2cd6e23ca746cfb1827d40111f1bc0465’

The new setup.bat downloads the dependencies for you and registers the folder as an engine installation.