UMG - Declaring widget a variable prevents packaging

I got a text block and animation for it in my widget class, text block declared as a variable for the ease of access and animation is a variable by default. Cooking/packaging fails with errors like these:

LogBlueprint:Warning: Compiler Warning Could not find a variable named “FadeAnimation” in ‘RaceUI_C’.
Make sure ‘RaceUI_C’ has been compiled for Get FadeAnimation

LogBlueprint:Error: Compiler Error The property associated with FadeAnimation could not be found

Removing everything from /Saved/Config solved the problem, but still I haven’t found anything cooking/building/packaging related there.

Hello dunenkoff,

I am happy to here that you were able to get things working again. I will be converting your last comment to an answer. If this issue returns and you would like further assistance, please feel free to reopen this issue with a reply containing any additional information you may have on how to reproduce this issue on our end.

Make it a great day