UMG customCursor Hotspot Issue


If I anchor the Cursor to the top left, the hotspot is totally off, if I manually add an Offset of 50% to the Image its more accurate but still off.
If I anchor the Cursor to the Center, the hotspot seems right, however the cursor is only partially drawn

Project Settings > UserInterface > Create new Blueprint for Cursor > add image > anchor it accordingly.

Hello ,

Could you provide a screen shot of the designer tab of your widget blueprint? I would like to see what sizes you are using and how it compares to the screen size that is set for the widget.

I hope this Screenshot is adequate

Could you try changing “Fill screen” to custom and re-size it so that it is the the same size as the image that you are using? from there you could adjust the anchors to get he clicking area that you would like. I have provided an example of my widget that I am using.


This setup makes it so that when I click it is the upper left corner that is registered as the tip of the cursor.

Yes that works, thank you!

However it seems quite weird to me and I don’t understand why it works that way. For a UMG Expert it probably makes sense in someway, but I would have never come up with that and I use UMG for quite a while now. So maybe it would be good if there was some kind of documentation linked within the Project Cursor Settings that would explain this (There might be already some Documentation available, but I couldn’t find it within 2 hours).

Amazing tutorial here too!