UMG Custom Weapon Designer

All these weapons and they are just too damned rigid!

Well now heres a system (A simple one compared to blacklight’s for a good example) to have weapons look more how you want them.

If the uses for this aren’t immediately in your face, you could further expand this to have crafting, stats that change depending on parts etc.

Great start HorusHeretic…

Really looking forward to this project!!! :slight_smile:

Added camera controls to preview the weapon you are creating a bit better.

Next probably a save system, maybe basic presets manager. Similar/same thing.

Looks nice… Textures next? :slight_smile:

Cool I like where this is going! I was thinking something along the lines of/ From ShooterTutorials:

Would be nice to have the elements affect different stats like accuracy, aim, mobility, etc.

Hi Horus Heretic,

I like what you’re doing here. I’ve desired to build a FPS Weapon Customization System for over decade, codename: GunVertor. Each component had its own effect on projectile, weapon, player. Designers like yours are great, not only for modular projectile weapons, but any modular characters, cars/craft, buildings, furniture, etc. This desire has influenced how I design my games. From my experience, the greatest challenge for these systems is Parts (Content). The greater the number of parts, the greater possibilities with variation. Without Parts, such systems will not add long lasting value. Assembler and Weapon Parts is what makes this a great value. Thus, I recommend joining forces with a 3D Artist/Animator to produce parts for the Designer.

**Gunvertor Weapon System

GunVertor Weapon Components:

  1. Chamber: The Weapon Core Component in which other components connect into. It is the mechanism loads ammunitions from the ammunition storage into the weapon, applies motivational force, directs ammunition through the barrel, and ejects ammunition byproducts. Chambers effect the amount, type and speed of loading ammunitions.
  2. Barrel: Projects the ammunition. Barrels effect ammunition range and dispersion. Long Barrels produce long range/ narrow dispersion; Shorter Barrel produces short range/wide dispersion. Barrels also provide a ‘heat sinking’ for the weapon.
  3. Loader: Can be attached to the barrel or magazine. Loads ammunition with Hand2.
  4. Trigger: Control mechnism that activates Firing Unit/Mechanism. The Trigger determines how the user can fire the weapon. A weapon can posses multiple triggers.
  5. Firing: Unit This component provides motivational force to a ammunition. High Quality Firing Units can project ammunition a great speeds long distances.
  6. StockGrip: Absorbs Recoil. Recoil can effect weapon handling and accuracy. High Quality Stocks can absorbs greater amounts of recoil. Handgrip attaches to player.
  7. Magazine: Magazine PowerCell Canister are storage components. These components effect Ammunition Refill/Recharge speed and Storage Quantity
  8. AmmoMeter: A 3D HUD Display for Ammo Count associated with the magazine.
  9. Scope: A HUD accessory component that assist in visibility of the target (ie: Zoom, Infrared, Thermovision)
  10. Sight + Cursor: A HUD accessory component that assists in targeting object. Displays Targeting Cursor.
  11. Distorter: This accessory attaches to the Barrel of the weapon to muffle sound of Solid Ammunitions or change the visual characteristics of Energy Ammunitions.
  12. Bayonet: This Blade Weapon accessory attaches to the barrel of the weapon and used as melee weapon.
  13. Deflector (not shown): This accessory attaches to the Chamber or Barrel providing defense shield capability."

Hey Horus Heretic, With all the projects you’re juggling right now, how can we encourage you to give priority to this one…? :stuck_out_tongue: