UMG crashing editor and breaking UI in 5.1?

I upgraded from 5.0.3 and I have 2 huge issues

This simple function in my UMG hides info from the player unless conditions are met and if I have this bound to text in UMG it crashes the editor upon start up but if I remove it in 5.0.3 and then move to 5.1 it works fine once or twice then starts crashing the editor again

related crash error

Second this below works in 5.0.3 it moves my widget to show a UI element over an enemy and is bound by the screen edges in 5.1 the UI elements sit in the upper left corner updating their values

Looks like set position in viewport is what’s broken in the second half why idk

fixed it set in viewport was routed through a different function I think but got it working with this

Set position in viewport is causing problems for me too, since migrating my project from 5.0 to 5.1

Looks like there were major changes to UMG. A new system “UGameViewportSubsystem” is now involved in the process of adding widgets to the viewport, but I can’t find any information about it. In typical Epic fashion, they make significant engine changes and forget to tell anyone about it. I see no mention of it in the release notes.

A dev mentioned in discord it’s a bug not an expected change afaik

Interesting. I’m surprised more people aren’t experiencing issues with this; this is the only topic I found on the forum that mentions it. I spent yesterday rewriting all my UI code to avoid using the set position node, as I’m not prepared to wait indefinitely for a fix.

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Yeah I did too it’s very frustrating