[UMG Crash] Progress Bar

I just started playing around with UMG in engine version 4.4. Loving it so far, to say the least!

I noticed a crash bug that I am able to replicate with the following steps:

  1. Create a progress bar

  1. Create a binding for it like so:

  1. Progress bar works fine when running from the editor!
  2. Attempting to access the Designer tab causes the editor to crash
  3. Re-opening the project and attempting to access your widget blueprint causes the same crash. I need to use a back-up from before the progress bar was added to b able to do anything with this widget.

Yeah, the issue is running the bindings at design time, great badness can occur. So in 4.5 bindings are never run at design time, we just use whatever static value you enter in the field when showing the preview.

Thanks for the bug repro steps :slight_smile: