UMG - Convert text box result to INT

Currently I am working on an inventory system and my next challenge is using a discard widget to allow the user to throw away multiple items at once. So far I have been following UnrealGaimeDev but the method they use is two buttons that you can click or double click to increment or increase by 10 respectively. I feel like this is painfully inefficient, but I cannot find a solution to my problem. I’m not very well versed in Blueprints to be able to create a solution myself. Would anyone know how to lock the input to text only (apparently this works, but I couldn’t tell you why) but then also convert this text to an INT that I can use in a “Set Array Elem” node?

Thanks in advance

You use the OnTextChange Event and send the Output (converted to a String) to IsNumeric and if it equals to true, you append the value to the input Box.