UMG - Conflicting with visual joystick

So here’s the deal. I have a HUD made with UMG, I’ve figured out that UMG is the cause my visual joystick doesn’t appear. How do I solve this?

Basically when I press the pause button on my screen, that is part of my UMG HUD, the virtual joystick disappears, same when I press resume.

No one has had a similar issue?

Hey there, sadly i can’t provide you with a solution, since i’m not working with visual joysticks, but i need to notify you,
that bumping of threads is only allowed every 4 days (: If you don’t get an answer in the next 4 days, you can bump the
thread again. Otherwise it clutters the forum and others can’t get their questions answered!

Meanwhile i think you could check the Project Settings. Maybe you find something that controls this behavior. Just a wild guess!

I’m sorry for that.

No it’s not located in the project settings. Also searched the forums etc. I see people using both together, but not providing the solution, that’s why I’m asking.

How exactly are you adding them? Do you call “Set Input Mode” somewhere? Maybe setting it to “UI Only” kills the joysticks :X


So before I press pause in my HUD, the virtual joystick is visible. Now I’ve tried several options, Set Input Mode UI only, Game and UI only. Even take Set Input Mode out of both blueprints. No difference

Hm ok, i would say you get rid of the “Remove All Widgets”. Because it may also kill the Joystick. To remove a specific widget, call “Remove from Parent” on it.

Also i would recommend spawning the Widgets in a Class that you can always access (For example GameState, PlayerState, PlayerController, etc.) and save the return
value as a reference. Then you can remove them if you want to open the menu.

But first, try to remove “Remove All Widgets” and check if the Joystick thing survives.

You sir, are a genius. This worked