UMG Combobox Arrow Image not used

When I create an UMG combobox and set the image for the down arrow in the style section of the details panel, then the image itself is being used, but not its color. Even if I set the tint value to some color, that color is not being used. It always stays at this dark default color.

Seems to be a bug. Any ideas how to work around that?

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Hello haimat,

This is a known issue (UE-18194) that has been submitted to the developers for further consideration. I have provided a workaround below that my be viable depending on your needs. I hope that this information helps.


  1. Create a combo box string and add it to the designer tab
  2. Create an empty material (this will be used to hide the current down arrow)


  1. Apply the empty material as the image for the down arrow
  2. Create an image widget
  3. Set the image widget’s visibility to “Self hit invisible”


  1. Set the image widget to what you would like your new down arrow to be


  1. Place the image widget over the now empty area that used to contain the down arrow

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Hmm, you mean to place a floating image on top of the dropdown box? But wouldn’t that overlap with the text within the dropdown box, if that is long enough?!

If you make the image the same size as the original arrow you will see no difference. The Combo box string cuts off any element that are too long any way. I have provided two extremely zoomed in pictures to show a selection that is being cut off. On one side you will see my replacement and on the other you will see the default.

As you can see here changing the image made no difference.

Ok I will give that a try, thanks!

For Anyone Whom Doesn’t Know How To Change The Default’s Arrow Color Its At The Bottom As “Foreground Color” You’ll See It’s Defaulted To Black

Adding This Answer Because This Thread Came Up As First Suggestion In Google For

“How To Change Drop Down Arrow Color In Combobox UE4?”

Hope This Helps Someone :slight_smile:


Just what I was looking for. Thanks