UMG Color wheel style Color Picker

Hi everyone! This is my first submission to the Unreal Marketplace. Introducing the
UMG Color Picker!

EDIT: Now available on Trello for Voting! Trello
EDIT2: Demo available:
Updated Video:
Umg Color Picker - YouTube

This is functionally similar to the built in color picker for Unreal Engine the difference being that this is all built in UMG and blueprints. It is one widget that handles everything and requires very little setup to get working.

The color wheel is fully interactable with the mouse. It also features separate sliders for HSV and RGBA as well as a smart Hexadecimal text field. Its smart because it auto filters out any non Hexadecimal characters as well as clamps the number of characters you can enter to prevent invalid values.

The project comes with an example map shown above demonstrating using the widget to alter a Color value in a Dynamic Material. The project also comes with a tutorial blueprint to walk you through the only setup needed to get the widget working with whatever color value you wish to edit.

I plan on adding additional features such as theme saving and loading (similar to the built in system) and some other neat features not available in the default picker.

By default the widget uses all procedural materials for the gradients. I’ve also included a default color wheel image in the project if the need arises.

This is something that will have a price of $5. I feel that it’s simple enough to not need to be too much but simultaneously required a bit of effort to get working.

Here is a demo of the widget in action:
UMG Color Picker Demo

Thanks for reading and leave any feedback down below! :slight_smile:

Really nice! I would suggest adding an option to disable/enable the lower section with the text input, since ingame most people probably don’t need very exact numbers :cool:

Looks great! “Favorites” functionality would also be nice i think.

Hey everyone I wanted to post an update to this project! I’ve made some additions based on your feedback and added some other neat features!
List of added features:

  • Random color button (Gives you a randomized color without changing alpha)
  • Toggle widget features on creation (enable or disable unwanted functionality when on CreateWidget)
  • Real-Time color preview without confirming color
  • Color Harmonies (Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous, Split-Complentary, Triadic)
  • Color Themes: Saving and loading collections of colors for use across project. Supports re-sizing, renaming, and deleting of each collection

Example of Toggle widget features:

Here is an updated video showing off the new features
New Features

Another Quick Update!
After looking at the original color picker I came to the conclusion that it’s pretty complicated for what it does and perhaps is too much for some situations. So I decided to make a simplified color picker widget to also be included in the pack. It can toggle Real-Time update just like its bigger brother as well as toggle alpha if its not needed.

That’s pretty cool. I actually made something like this myself for a chat system I made but I could never think of a way to do the color wheel itself.

Now available on Trello for Voting!

Thank you for your support!

This may be a stupid question, but where can I buy/download this widget? I have no idea what Trello is or is used for but I don’t see a buy or download link. I really need this widget.

Trello is for voting, and after something got enough votes on trello you can buy it in the marketplace :wink:

There is a demo available for you to try and see how the widget works for yourself. The demo is linked in the first post. The widget just entered voting a few days ago, and since its my first submission, i cannot give you any time frame on when it will be available.

I tried the demo, which is why I want it. I signed up for trello and voted. Is this really Epic’s way of getting stuff in the marketplace? Seems terrible to me. It explains why the marketplace is so barren. If its an attempt at quality control I’d rather see a rating and reporting system, with open submissions, as that would be far more open. The way Unity runs their marketplace is far better.

Like, what happens if something is really great quality, but only one or two people have an interest in it? It just never sees the light of day?

If this doesn’t pass this silly system, will you release it via some other method? I really need this for my game. Its annoying when you see a finished product that someone is trying to sell and someone else wants to buy, and the middlemen say “just wait a few weeks guys, because reasons…”

Sorry if this is a rant, it just seems a very bad system for open community contributions.

I’m impressed by the utility and asking price of this product. I’ll be getting this for sure if it makes it to market, and I’m heading over to trello post-haste to vote on it.

If this doesn’t get put up on the marketplace Ill look into other methods of distribution, though the marketplace seems the best option for convenience. I don’t mind a longer down time between submissions and releases if it means better quality content, but this is my first submission so hopefully it wont be that bad. To be honest, I feel like this is something that could be $2 and I would be happy only charging that much however the minimum is $5.

Thanks for your support and please leave any feedback you have! I’m all for adding features and improving the widget in any way possible.

Project should be coming to the marketplace soon! Providing no hiccups occur.

Also the project has been updated to 4.8! With this I’ve added a few small workflow enhancements:

  • Removing a color from a theme can now be done with right mouse button
  • Your last active theme will save as well (so you don’t have to keep opening and closing the theme menu when changing multiple colors).
  • Added in support for multiple sized color wheels and removed hard coded value.
  • Small workflow improvements to saving and renaming themes.

Hey man, loving this already ! just wondering, what if the mesh you are interacting with have multiple material slots, how would u choose wich one you want to change?