UMG Click send event to Level Blueprint

Hi everyone, I was trying to setup a simple event that when clicking a UMG button I would trigger a flip/flop event on my Level Blueprint that I’m current executing by pressing the “0” key for test purposes. Sounds simple. After some searching and testing on the Answer Board, it seems that UMG to Level Blueprint is really optimal, but I did see a few solves. However I can’t seem to get anything to dispatch or function properly.

My first thought would be move the functionality I’m trying to access to a new Blueprint. But I don’t think that will work for my case. Anyone have any ideas?


you need to check if your widget isValid and created before you can bind a event to it.


actually i think the cast node is doing the isValid part for you. you need to handle the cast failed case and make sure the widget has been created. then bind.

Not sure about your global setup of things in project.

But for cast and bind to events that widget needs to exist (ie. be created in game). I think you only created blueprint code for it, and never actually created live widget out of it.
So either add it to the hud (Which you activate from player controller), or create blueprint that has your umg widget as component, and then place that blueprint in level.

Did you create ProjectHUD from player controller and bind it to viewport?

Thanks guys for the quick responses, I do have the widget being called in my level blueprint after beginplay, I just had it hidden when I took those screenshots. Here is how I have it setup below. Or have I call it in a way that isn’t allowing me to bind it to it properly.

Thanks again.

I think i may know what is your problem. In many places unreal behaves weird.
One of those spots is calling dispatchers. You can have different “call” nodes.

To get One that works: drag dispatcher name from event dispatchers list in ProjectHud, and create call node

If you type its name in context sensitive list it gives some weird node.

Also are you really sure that event “On clicked” camera button actualy happens? Did you add debug print there to see if its called.
May be something wrong in umg layout.