UMG Changing the opacity of a widget in game.

After scouring the interwebs for a solution to my current problem I decided maybe the forums will help. I am using 4.7.6 and I can’t update my project past this version.

My issue:

I have two images placed inside a border not wrapped (can’t have more than one child). I am trying to adjust these two image’s opacity (adjusting alpha) with values I am pulling from the pawn. The intent is when a Boolean is set to true one image will disappear and another will show. This doesn’t actually happen unless I click inside the boarder surrounding these images. I would like to see these images change their opacity without the player clicking. Any insight would be helpful.
Oh ya…. A few more things.
I tried changing the opacity based on the Boolean within umg but I had the same issue.

Additional… I have since simplified my situation by nixing one of the images. However, the problem still persist with the one image.

Hi Filibuster,

could you provide an image of the widget (with the browser on the left side), I would like to see how this is set up.
Where do you change this opacity? Is it happening inside the widget? How do you trigger it, do you call a function?

Could it be that you do this change from a function which is bound to the on mouse down event on the border?



Thank you for responding. Actually I was doing exactly what you mentioned. Once I retook screen shots and double checked everything it worked famously. I will post the screen shots regardless in case someone else has a similar problem/oversight.

Happy to hear that it’s working now :slight_smile: