UMG - Change button color with key press

Hi Everyone.

Just a little overview of what I’m trying to achieve and what I currently have in place to do this (Not working though which is why I’ve admitted defeat and come here!)

I’m currently trying to make a showcase of different skills for my entry to University next year, I’m currently in the throws of making a lighting showcase level and want to have it so that when I press 1,2,3 and 4 it will change the lighting in the map. I have the functionality for the actual light changing done, but I am struggling with the UMG part for the HUD. When I press the 1 key for instance, I want the color of the button on the hud to change.

Here is what I have in place but it isn’t working for some reason, yet everything is compiling ok.

(Link to fullscreen image: [][2])

I have a feeling it may be an input issue as when I simulate the widget and press 1, nothing seems to happen.

Any help would be appreciated!

I have been experiencing the identical issue in UMG. Created a question here but haven’t gotten a response yet. Seems like the UMG blueprint doesn’t hear KeyPress events. I’ll be following your question here for any information you get!

Yeah, can’t remember what thread I saw it in, but I think I remember a Dev saying that input issues have been resolved in the 4.5.x build they are working on. Think it’s just something we’ll have to wait for.