UMG causing massive Lag in Multiplayer


I’m currently having a very strange issue where UMG causes extrem and unplayable lag in a Multiplayer game.

Here is the situation:
A player joins the server and the Menu is opend for Team and Class Selection (UMG is created client side). I click trough all available options and the server spawns me and then I’m experiencing extrem lags and I get ported across the entire map.

Once I remove the UMG and do all the same steps just with keyboard buttons I can spawn and have absolutly no lag.

The issue must be somewhere within the UMG. but it currently does not have any fancy stuff in it. Nothing is created on creation there and just some default UMG Buttons linked directly to the same code used with they keyboard methode.

Did anyone ever had this issue and know a way top fix it?

maybe you are using an event on a tick, and your multiple actions