UMG casting to Actor Blueprint?

I have a UMG Blueprint, and I want it to call a function on an external Blueprint. Is this possible? I have tried tutorials, casting, event dispatchers, and nothing seems to get the job done.

Desired function: I Have a UMG Button that I draw from the Level Blueprint on start up. I also have an actor Blueprint With a Custom Event =>Toggle Visibility, on a static mesh component inside of this blueprint. When the button is pressed, I want the static mesh component in the actor blueprint to disappear. I do have references of each other in each blueprint. Can someone show me exactly how to accomplish this? I think that there is just one small detail Im missing that im just not getting…

Although this tutorial does not work with the same assets your asking to interact with, the theory is the same when it comes to communicating with an Actor BP.

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart man. The fact that you took the time to help me means the world to me. It might not seam like alot to you, but you made a real difference in my project timeline. Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing man. Its more than appreciated.

Your welcome, good luck with your project mate.