UMG can't animate widget root

Version: 4.7 Preview8

Platform: Mac OS X

When you try to add a keyframe on any of the elements of a widget root (e.g. color, translation), it doesn’t do anything.

I just had the same thing happen. I ended up moving mine into a separate widget and then putting it in the container widget and then doing the animation from there as I needed to be able to change all the disparate components at once. It works for now but it certainly is not the best way to do things. Is there a fix coming for this?

I’m having the same issue. Want to fade an entire widget in/out and can’t do it.

I’m not sure animating the root makes sense as it represents the user widget that is created when you create an instance of your user widget class. The animations belong to the user widget so they can only possess objects that are also owned by the user widget. It would be like an archer firing themselves with their bow, if that makes sense.

To animate an entire user widget consider creating a second user widget class with an instance of the first one inside it OR wrap the contents of your user widget in a panel with animatable properties.