UMG cant add widget to vertical box

what am i doing wrong i seem to be doing it like ive seen people do elsewhere but it just doesnt work.

heres my viewport which is a widget called menu which has a vertical box wrapped with a border.

here is the bp graph for the menu, i can add a widget normally just fine, but when i add it to the vertical box it just doesnt show…? is it a anchor thing for the button class ( which is upper left by the way)

sorry if this is a total noob question…

Try to place something in that vertical box manually. Is it working ?

with the ‘AddChild’ node are you able to drag off the ‘Return Value’ pin and cast to a verticl box slot then drag off that and set a 'SetHorizontalAlignment" and “SetVerticleAlingment” nodes. if you can, try setting them to ‘Fill’?

oh im trying to spawn these list items procedurally as you pick up items in the game so i cant do it in the umg editor

I would watch the following video: Unreal engine 4 UMG - 6 - Adding Items to a scrollbox - YouTube

He does a really good job of explaining how to add items to a vertical box.

those two settings didnt do anything, but ‘Set Size’ to value =1 and SizeRule to Fill totally works.
tho now it has a built in padding i cant change, it just spaces them based on the number of them in the list, so 2 widgets take up 50% each of the vertical box.

it seems like they changed a lot since the experimental version a month or two ago… all the tuts ive seen dont do this cast slot thing.

thx tho Chooka. :slight_smile:

This totally rocks thx man, wouldve never of thought of deleting the canvas panel for my listitem button.

you win … this is the Answer. :slight_smile:

another thought, in your widget do you have the button wrapped by a canvas? try it without the canvas and see what that does.

That’s exactly what the video I posted shows to do :slight_smile:

i was meaning the "CustomButtonWidget’ he was using not the widget holding the verticle box