UMG : can we bind button's dynamically using string variable (array) ?

Ex : We have a color list wrapping up from database(MS-SQL) need to bind the the buttons based on the color list on widget using Blue print .

Is it possible in UE4 to bind button’s dynamically based on the string array ?

If possible please suggest us .

Need help to bind buttons dynamically

I don’t really understand what do you want to bind, Do you want to bind the style of the button, the text on the button or the effect of the button?

i want to display ‘Style of the Button’ .
Ex : We have 10 colors in Variable . Need to display 10 buttons with 10 colors and bind only 1 on-click event to all the Buttons

Yes, you can. You need a container to includes all buttons and create a update mechanism by blueprint.

So, I think the number of the button is a variable not a constant. So you need to make a widget with just a button and the onclicked event who call a HUD function, like this :

After you juste have to create a Widgetbutton for every color and put it where you need to:

you can pass the color to the HUD function if you need it.

Thank’s for giving solution .It worked well .