UMG can not transmit gamepad input events?

Hey, Unreal Engine’s UMG is giving me a headache. The way interactions in my project work is when you overlap an interactable item, inputs are activated (I set a higher input priority so it overrides the player blueprint) and then you can press the input to interact and pickup the item.

Now I have been converting my project so it’s also compatible with mobile devices, but since it’s touch screen I have to handle the inputs through UMG. I found ways for the UMG to listen to keyboard and gamepad inputs, but it’s useless since it’s still not allowing me to use my input mapping from the project settings.

Is there a way to use action mappings within UMG or if I can ‘‘cast’’ an event to an ‘‘input action’’ so it’s recognized as a gamepad input?

I think you just turn on “use mouse as touch input” in project settings.

I think you misunderstand my issue. When I press the image on my UMG layout be it with my finger on a touch screen or with a mouse click on the preview, I need to have it fire my input mapping so it can communicate with all my blueprints.

I don’t want to use individual blueprint casts mostly because this is a stupidly bloated solution and I have to many blueprints, it needs to stay streamlined.

Ok, I think I found an answer. I’ve been fiddling with the touch interface and I’m getting closer.

So I removed my interactive button from the UMG and added it to the default touch interface instead, allowing me to associate it with my desired input mapping. But as all of you know, there’s always a downside when working with UE4 and in this case the issue is the animation of the button. I’ll probably figure out a way but yeah, now I just need to swap the image of the button when it’s pressed.