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in UMG when i create a button i only can create a onClicked event is there any way to get the release function too?
i try to create a controller input.

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its for android so there is no mouse

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I have looked into your request about a release function for buttons with UMG. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come up with any documentation that it exists, nor did I see any bug reports of that function being down at this time. However, I did find a couple of links that may interest you, as they are ‘work around’ options so to speak on creating a ‘button’ that can be released.

  • [Answer Hub: UMG Button Press & Release][1]
  • [Forum Post: Question about UMG Buttons][2]


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[2]: Question about UMG buttons - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

is there a function to get the width of the screen?

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Unfortunately, we’ve found that Android dimensions that are reported aren’t very accurate. We also don’t have a way to currently get those numbers into blueprints directly. I obtained this information from one of our Developers, we haven’t found a way to directly input those numbers at this time. Here is a [link][1] where this has been stated.

Hopefully some of the information within this post will help you further. Good luck with your project. :slight_smile:

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