UMG Buttons working on OSX / Don't on W7

Hi all,

I have a game I am saving on Google drive. Working between two computers, a iMac and a generic Windows 7 build. Saving remotely has been a gosend, and lets me make progress wherever I am.

Up until now all my work as been perfect on both systems, what I do on OSX works on W7, and vice-versa. My first encounter with a OS related issue (maybe) is in UMG. I have a UMG powered menu system that works perfectly in OSX (Rollvers, click functionality for buttons as an example) but when I open the same file level file in the Windows version it is just a static image. I can actually hear my mouse clocks shooting under the menu, spawing projectiles, but I am not getting any of the UMG interface functionality (rollover tints, sounds, etc).

Both 4.14.

Any ideas on what is disabled on the PC / what I have to do?

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Hi all - I am back.

I went through this previous post on Answer Hub and found that I had to manually “Set Input Mode UI Only” on this widget. So now I have the widget working, but when I go to the game I don’t have THAT working any more…as the focus is only on the UI. So that is my next battle, but should be easily fixed…I hope.

Why would I need to do this on Windows…but not on OSX?

Hopefully when I get this to my OSX box my Windows bandaid will not break OSX.

Any ideas, even just for discussion, as to why this is happening?

Happy Tuesday!

Just spitballing ideas as to why this is happening, very curious. My W7 box is dual screen, my OSX is a single screen…would that have any impact?