UMG buttons will not function at all.

So I’m trying to finish a project for collage of which we had to create a somewhat functioning Hud for a game. the annoying thing is that the buttons for my main menu do not function when I start so I am stuck in the menu for even. the buttons are supposed to change darkness when you highlight over them but they don’t the buttons are supposed to open other UI elements when you click on them but they don’t. I know that what I have done should work as I have done it many times before and I have no idea why it is doing what it is doing. I’ve searched on line for ages trying to find solutions and doing things that they said in already answered questions but it does nothing. I don’t know if this is a but from pausing the game or the UI in general or if I’ve done something wrong but no matter if I remake the buttons or not it does absolutely nothing. any help will be grateful as I really do not what to run into my final project time because of unreal’s buggyness. and just to say I cannot upgrade my version to the latest ones as my collage is stuck in version 4.16 so if I upgrade my project will no longer work in collage.