UMG Buttons Recently Stopped Responding to Any Mouse Input

Hey guys,
I apologize for asking such a simple question, but I seem to have run into some unexpected trouble. Around 4 months ago I created a basic 3d main menu using a UMG widget (following this tutorial: Creating 3D Widgets | Unreal Engine Documentation). The menu consists of a few buttons that each perform an action when clicked with the mouse. Since creating it and verifying that it worked, I have not touched the main menu. This evening I returned to the main menu room to brush up on how UMG works, only to discover that my buttons are no longer responding to any mouse input. I’m certain that I haven’t directly modified the menu since that time, so my suspicion is that either it broke at some point due to me changing some global game settings, or it was broken by an unreal update in the past 4 months. I have researched the issue a bit, but cannot seem to determine the cause. Does anyone have an idea of what might be causing the UMG widgets to fail to respond to mouse input?

For reference, the button behavior is set to ‘visible’, with functionality mapped to the ‘onClicked’ events like so:

Thank you!

I’m having this same issue as are quite a few people. The OnClicked events seem to be quite heavily bugged at the moment. Either that or something has changed in 4.17 that I’m unaware of.

I’ve found multiple questions about this on the answer hub, none of which have been answered.

there were more but cant find them now :slight_smile: