UMG - Buttons not working in mobile?

I have been trying everything - Button Pressed, Button Clicked, mouse click for touch events, disable gamepad, remove EVERY single other UMG, adding 1000 to Z order of the button, and for some reason I can’t make one single button work. This is not my first time on mobile, and I didn’t had this issue last time. Could anyone point me to any possible thing I’m doing wrong? Many thanks in advance, stuck on this for about 2 hours now.

If you are not deploying to phone, did you enabled in project settings in the Input section, options called Use Mouse for Touch?

Im developing for IOS , yes I tried Mouse for Touch. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Can we see your UMG graph? It’s simply selecting the button variable from the UMG graph and choose On Clicked under the events tab.

Here you go

Thanks for the screenshot, it seems that you had the node setup correctly. I think the problem is the created custom events connected to it. Have a look at it again.

The issue may be that you’re using the onClick event which won’t register on a mobile device (as you don’t click - you tap).This answer explains how to use the “touchstart” event which will work on a mobile.

better to use touchstart event with .on() jQuery method:

$(window).load(function() { // better to use $(document).ready(function(){
$(’.List li’).on(‘click touchstart’, function() {
And i don’t understand why you are using $(window).load() method because it waits for everything on a page to be loaded, this tend to be slow, while you can use $(document).ready() method which does not wait for each element on the page to be loaded first.

Erm. DOM jQuery, why it’s here ?