UMG buttons not clicking in Standalone

Just upgraded my project from 4.18 to 4.21. Upon testing it in standalone after upgrading the buttons in my menus are no longer clicking when pressed with the mouse cursor over them. Any idea what may be causing this?

Its possible that you haven’t set them to be enabled. Check your settings on each ‘Button’ and make sure that the box is checked for this. Another solution could be that you have text over the button that needs it’s visibility to be set to ‘self-hit test invisible’.

Try these solutions and to no avail, let me know if I can maybe take a look at your work!

Wow excellent response time! I found by change the click behavior from Down and Up to Mouse Down, the buttons behave correctly in both PIE and Standalone. Not sure if this was changed or added recently, but it seems to have solved the issue. I did check however and all buttons were enabled and contained no text in them.

I am having this same issue now in 4.26… buttons are enabled and visible. Changing to “mouse down” didn’t work either. The buttons are clearly interactable because I can see them “press in” when I click them. But nothing happens when I click them, and they are binded to things…

I have same problem on 4.26

Any idea?