UMG Buttons not appearing.

Hello every one !

We have trouble with one of our UMG and we really don’t know where the problem is.

In our local multiplayer game, players can select Utilitaries. An UMG is created and added to the screen for each player : so a 2 players match will add 2 UMGs to the screen and a 4 players match will add 4 UMGs.

The problem is : when adding 4 Widgets to the screen, the UMG buttons and ONLY the buttons aren’t rendered. You can click on the buttons and they actually work as intended, but we can’t see them. It seems that only the LAST two Widgets added to the viewport are correctly rendered.

More infos :

  • Buttons are not rendered even when the Event Graph is empty.
  • There is no Visibility setting in the blueprint.
  • Those Widgets are created and added to the viewport after two others (removed from parent).
  • There is no animation in the blueprint.

Thanks in advance.