UMG Buttons navigation in 4.7 using Keyboard / Gamepads

Hi guys,
I’m looking into how I can make UMG menu navigable using keyboard and game-pads in 4.7.2.

There are two issues I can’t figure out how to solve:

  1. To cycle through the buttons using keyboard/game-pad I need first to mouse-click one of the menu buttons, otherwise it wouldn’t work. I assume there’s an issue with focusing on the widget but can’t find out how to make it work.

  2. The second problem is that even after I get it to cycle through the buttons, using the keyboard/game-pad doesn’t actually highlight (hover) the button that has in focus, instead is surrounds it in a dotted white line - not exactly what I need.
    So how can I make the button highlight when focused on using keyboard/game-pad.


Hi AdrianLazar, I am writing a button “base class” in c++ using UserWidget as parent class. And my custom button base have two states: “selected” and “framed”. The “framed” state can be seen as your state hovered(I use a frame to highlight.). And I put all the buttons under the same navigation level into a container and let the container control the navigation, including the control logic of cycling through each child elements. What bothers me is that I have to build up the navigation road map on my own and manage the gamepad input myself to define clearly which UI element is now “focused”. When the Menu system is complicated, that could be a nightmare, I hope someone else could find a easier way to do it.

The second problem is the same to me, on 4.10. There’s no way to recognize which UMG button is hovered by a keyboard or a Controller. Need help please !