UMG button

hey everybody,
please guys, it would be nice if exist a tutorial show how to turn off/on light using UMG button ? i’m stuck in how to connect button event to BP .

Thank you …

Hi ,

If you make your graph (3) in a blueprint specifically for the light you are affecting, you can cast to your light blueprint from the UMG binding and cause the light to switch through your UI.

first of all thank you so much. i’m new with UMG and english is not my language so it would be nice if you me by steps or better if show me that by print screen or tell me about video some where here that can easy show me that steps . sorry if i ask too much . thanks

Hi ,

It isn’t a problem at all! Apparently my initial post never went through so I’ll make it a second time. The below images are what you are looking for. In the first, I set up the lightbulb actor with a custom event that turns the light on/off. In the second, I “get all actors of class” for the lightbulb actor, create a for each loop. Then I cast to the lightbulb for each array element and finally call the custom function by dragging off of the “as lightbulb_C” pin and typing it into the context sensitive menu. Finally, the widget is added to the viewport in the player controller.


Hi ! Is there any way to bind input axis movements to widget buttons for Touch interface. Because virtual joystick isn’t so good on mobile. Playing a flight game through buttons is much more better.

Hi Wanderer_eternal,

I am sure there is, I will have a look at this when I get an opportunity and if I can make it happen I’ll put together a tutorial on how to best go about doing this.