UMG Button Pressed Sound Plays First Time Only

With a button in UMG, you have your style appearance. In there, there are options for the button images and sounds when pressed. When I set a sound to play on pressed, it only plays the first time the button is pressed. Is this a potential bug? Also, play sound on hover stops working after the button is pressed. This is in the editor and I have not tried compiling.

Currently using 4.11.0. Not a big issue since there are other ways of implementing menu audio but just thought I’d mention it.

It should play every time that you press it. One possible thing is that the sound is set to never overlap (max play) and if it’s a long sound, it could be still playing while you click again, hence not playing again.

Hope that helps.

I appreciate the response but I edited the sound file before imported. The sound is a simple click sound, approximately 0.01 seconds long. There are ways around this issue so I just thought I’d mention it.