UMG - Button Press

Hello everyone,

I have a button setup on UMG that is clickable (makes an explosion sound when it is clicked so I know it is working), but I can’t get any functions to work with it. My end goal is for it to possess another player, which I already have setup in another blueprint, but I first need to get the button presses working. Can someone show a screenshot of how to setup a button in UE4 with UMG?

I have tried Is Pressed, but I can’t get it to work.

Thank you for your help!

Ah, I guess I missed the 4.5 part! I guess that explains why it was giving me so much difficulty!

4.4: You need to bind a function to the OnClicked event in the details panel for the button.

4.5: You’ll see a section for the events, and it will be a multicast event instead of a bindable function.