UMG Button Ordering


Our UI menu is tab based, and is based on fading menus in and out per selected tab. This means that each tab has its own set of buttons, and those buttons naturally overlap from tab to tab. This causes a zordering problem, so what I need to do is change the z order or otherwise disable buttons when going from tab to tab. The zordering mess seems to be a nightmare in terms of changing it in blueprints, and it seems to involve storing its position, removing it from parent, then readding it as a child at the stored position every time you swap back to that tab. I tried enabling it and disabling it per tab but that has no effect on the zordering, which seems insane, but sure. Is there no other way to do this? It’d be really nice if there was a simple way to just change the zordering of specific button elements within the blueprint of the ui widget.

tl;dr: is there really no simple way to just change the zordering or otherwise disable buttons in your UMG in the blueprint so as to not create overlapping issues in a tab based menu?


Turns out “collapsed” is what I was looking for. May bad!