UMG - Button automaticly sizes to fit text - Feature or Bug


I just want to find out if this is a bug or a feature?
If you have a button that is set to be 128x128 and it draws as a box with a picture, and you add text the box or button will automatically re-size to fit the text.
And there is no way to maintain the size of the button anymore.

To work around this, because sometimes you want a simple button with some text inside… you need to create an additional layer or widget and overlay it. This can be very difficult to line up correctly.

So i guess my question is if this is a feature or a bug.
Here is an example.

I want to maintain the button size but alas. I cannot.
See Text Block. That is one of the squares that automatically resizes to hug the text


double post

I was having a heck of a time with this and other things re-sizing to sizes I didn’t want. But I did finally figure it out, use an overlay.

Put the overlay in, then add a button and text as children of the overlay. Set the overlay to size to content. This will give you the result you want.

cool thx. i will check it out