UMG Button Array

I have created a vertical box that i add buttons to out of and array.

This works fine the more items in the array the more buttons that spawn, Now each array contains data that I want to fill withing a text box.


This is how I have it setup, now when I click any button it will always show the information filled in the last array. What i wanted was every time button is clicked it shows the text that was filled in the corresponding array (Example Button 1 displays Array info 0)

Hello Koaku,

I have a couple questions that will help me narrow down your issue

  1. What kind of array is your Email Data?
  2. Could you provide Screenshots for the Set Text Event and the designer for where you are setting the text box?


Thats how I set the text ( which is bound to the textbox in umg) and the Array is type struct but it mostly contains text vars right now

Would you be willing to send me your project so I can look into your issue further? I am having trouble recreating your set-up and will have an easier time testing from your project directly.

If you are uncomfortable posting your project here, you can send it to me privately through my profile on the Unreal Forums here:


I have sent you a email containing the project

Sorry I don’t fully understand how I would fix this ? How do i check what instance of a button has been clicked and display the corresponding array?

  • Edit* after reading more i managed to get it working of what you said thank you.

Your issue is where you are calling your event dispatcher, Your Event dispatcher right now is calling the information from the last index for all of your buttons. Instead, Your event dispatcher needs to communicate with your EmailButton to display the information in each instance of the button created!

Good luck creating!!