UMG button array elements asked for object/material/textures?


I wanted to create array of my UMG buttons.
I can do it no problem using Make Array node. However if many buttons involved then my Widget BP will be very cluttered. I would like to make it simple and just created an Button Array variable and fill up the default value elements with the coresponding buttons.
However the default value of button array is expecting something else which looks like object/material/textures.
Anyone can help?


Hello! Can you provide a screenshot of BP scripting and layout please?
It’s always recommended to give detailed information.
I wish I can help!

Hi Thanks for helping,

Please see below image,

Basically if I use Make Array Node it worked as my intention.
When I promote as variable, the result is array of button object reference which I can use as per normal.
However since the button is predefined and it won’t change, instead of using make array node I wanted to just create Button List variable from and fill up the value one by one.
But I don’t know what it expect as value.

Thanks again.