UMG bug - changing cursor to "Hand" shows entire widget instead of the custom cursor

I am experiencing a VERY strange bug with UMG that started happening out of nowhere. I’m setting the mouse cursor to the “Hand” cursor (it’s the one with the finger pointing up for clicking buttons. This is set in the "Behavior > drop-down arrow> Cursor) when hovering over a button. This was setup and working perfectly, no problems at all. Then seemingly for no reason, the “hand” cursor became bugged, and when I hover over any button that has that cursor applied, now instead of the hand cursor it’s the ENTIRE WIDGET?


As you can see, other buttons set to other cursors (eye dropper, grab hand, etc) work fine, but now, anything set to the “Hand” cursor is just bugged.

What in the heck is going on??? Anyone seen this before?

I’ve already tried verifying my engine and deleting Save/Intermediate.

Which engine texture are these cursors saved in? Maybe I can repair the file?..


Ohhhh boy, NOW I feel dumb lol…


Just one-a those days…

Do you have any drag & drop functionality implemented here? Is the troublesome elements you mouse over a separate user widget? Does it have any overridden events?

In this case, this is pretty cool, indeed. Somehow I doubt you’ll be able to reproduce it in a clean project. Do tell if you ever figure it out.

I have a couple of other questions since I’ve witnessed UE4 react weirdly to certain events:

  • do you have a joystick / controller plugged in by any chance, or perhaps one of those fancy VR controllers?

  • can you actually replicate it on your project but assigning Hand to another UI element?

No, there is no drag and drop functionality. This is happening on ANY button, those gray buttons are freshly created just to test. No overridden events.