UMG - BP additional node line don't delete properly


If you link 2 BP elements with a line, You add a node on the line (double click on the line).
If you remove the first element, the 2nd part of the line won’t be removed.
If you clear the Input node of the second element (alt + click) the node will stay.

In my opinion, the full line (with or without additionals nodes) must be removed when deleting a element.


I do not understand

Ok I will try to be clearer:
Element - It’s the box with the different input and output node like Spawn, Create Widget, Function call etc…
Line - it’s the link between 2 input/output nodes
Display Node - It’s just a node inside a line that you are using to properly diplay your line inside your BP and not have them hidden by element.


  1. Add 2 Elements
  2. Link The First element output node to the 2nd element input node
  3. Create a Display node
  4. Remove the First element

You will see that the line between the First Element and the Display node have been deleted and not the full line. <= First issue

Delete the 2nd element and you will see that only the Display node stay <= Second issue.

In my opinion, if you delete break a line (delete element or clear the input/output node) you should clear the full lines (including display nodes) in all case except if on a display nodes there is more than one line connected (wich means that the remaining line is still valid).

I hope it’s clearer and that you can repro it.